VC28B Visit Local Village - Planting/ Harvesting Vegetable/ Rice - Cooking with local family – Private Blessing Ceremony at Monastery (FD)

Today, we journey out to a local village where you will spend the day.  The village sits around 10km from Siem Reap and consists of mostly farming families. This is a real village, not a replica set up for tourists to visit, as such you may need to be flexible, things can change, ceremonies may be running or events may be taking place in the village. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by the farming families and have some time to interact with the families before starting the activities such as planting vegetable crops, harvesting and watering vegetables.  In addition, to experience what is the real in the village, you and the farming family will harvest vegetables and cook them together for lunch.  The farming family will show you how to cook and tell you about the Cambodian vegetables, spices and  culinary technique of a traditional Khmer dish. Then you can enjoy your own culinary creation together with your host family.  

After lunch, learn about life in a typical village. Visit the local Pagoda and school and find out about village customs and culture and gain new insights and experiences.  As you wander slowly through the village your guide will show you about the way of life for the local people and answer any questions that you have. Learn about, religion and the people’s lives. This is a chance to meet local people, learn about their lives and interact in a respectful and meaningful way. Then, proceed to a local monastery and meet the resident monks and participate in a private good luck blessing ceremony, wishing you good health and a safe journey, performed by local monks. Sit on the mat while the monks chant blessings and sprinkle holy water on you – a traditional way which is believed pass on the good luck of the gods. Afterwards, a sacred thread will be tied around your wrist. This is traditionally believed to protect you from any evil spirits or accidents and is a memorable experience. [Lunch]

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