VC15A Siem Reap - Tbeng Meanchey – Preah Khan temple “Bakan temple” – Siem Reap (FD)

We will depart from the hotel very early and take an SUV to the small town of Stung for our adventure to a jungle temple of Preah Khan of Kampong Svay or Prasat Bakan. This Buddhist temple, originally constructed by Suriyavarman I, yet added to and modified by later kings, is a massive monastic complex enclosing near five square kilometres including Prasat Preah Stung, Prasat Preah Thkol and Prasat Preah Damrei. Most of the carvings have been looted or removed including a bust of Jayavarman VII which has become an iconic image and widely reproduced. Preah Khan Temple is located about 100km East of Beng Mealea and is difficult to reach by road, which require the better part of the day to get there. Along the way, we will drive past some remote villages in one of the most isolated parts of Cambodia.  Upon arrival, we will explore the most important temples there including the four faces Bayon-style of Prasat Preah Stung and the central temple which was one of the biggest enclosures built during the Angkor period. It is thought this may have been a very important provincial city during the Khmer Empire. Boxed lunches and cold mineral water have to be prepared in advance and we will have it on site before we return to Siem Reap.  [Breakfast, Lunch]

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